SNOWEGG UK – Set of 3 Finger & Hand Strengthener & Exerciser – 3 Different Resistance Levels – Great For Rehabilita…

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SNOWEGG UK - Set of 3 Finger & Hand Strengthener & Exerciser - 3 Different Resistance Levels - Great For Rehabilita...

Price: £9.99 - £6.99
(as of Mar 15,2018 13:33:12 UTC – Details)

SnowEgg UK

Resistance levels to suit everyone’s needs

• Many people work on other muscles in the body but often neglect the finger and hand muscles which are vital in every day life and even more so in competitive sports.

• The SnowEgg resistance finger & hand strengtheners are designed to fit most hand sizes due to their flexibility. The unique design allows you to do a complete hand workout or isolate specific fingers for targeted strength training.

• Ideal for helping strengthen the hand/finger muscles for all sportspeople but especially good for climbing, rackets sports, golf, cricket, rugby, archery, Crossfit and weightlifting. Where strong hand grip and control can be vital.

• These strengtheners are also brilliant for everyday use, as the lower resistance bands help maintain general functionality. They can easily be slipped on and used whilst you’re watching the TV, reading a book, working at the computer etc. These are not just for sportspeople.

• They come in a pack of 3, each one being a different resistance level to suit all needs. Lightblue (light resistance), Blue (Medium Resistance) & Dark Blue (Heavy Resistance).

• Super lightweight and small, can easily be kept in your sportsbag, office desk, bedside table, next to the sofa or wherever you see fit – easy to pick up and use for a few minutes whenever you have the time.


Dimensions: 7.5cm x 4cm x 2cm
Resistance Levels: Light/Medium/Heavy
Colours: Lightblue/Blue/Dark Blue
Package Contents: 3 resistance strength bands

Important: Please take care when using the product and do not allow pets or young children to play with them. This product may not be suitable for someone with latex allergies.
ENJOYCOMBINED RESISTANCE HAND & FINGER STRENGTHENER WITH UNIQUE DESIGN & 3 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE FOR ALL TRAINING PURPOSES – Allows a full hand workout or the ability to isolate & target individual fingers
LIGHTBLUE (Light Resistance) for general hand & finger fitness, helps maintain healthy functioning of the hand & finger muscles
BLUE (Medium Resistance) extra resistance which can help develop general strength for sportspeople or tradespeople who work a lot with their hands
DARK BLUE (Heavy Resistance) Ideal for sportspeople and alike where a strong and controlled grip is essential, i.e climbing, racket sports, cricket, rugby, cross fit and weightlifting.
FLEXIBLE & DURABLE – LIGHTWEIGHT, SMALL & DISCREET – One size fits all – Small enough to put in your bag or pocket – Easy to use for just a few seconds or minutes.

Price: £9.99 - £6.99
(as of Mar 15,2018 13:33:12 UTC – Details)

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