Sci-Mx Creaplex Hardcore 720g

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Sci-Mx Creaplex Hardcore 720g

Price: £23.30
(as of Mar 10,2018 18:22:48 UTC – Details)

Unlike many of the cheap and bulky creatine transport formulations available that contain excessively high levels of dextrose (glucose powder), Creaplex Hardcore does not rely on glucose alone to transport creatine into muscle cells.

Instead it utilises a far more effective, low carbohydrate and low calorie transport system which potentiates and optimises the body’s natural insulin to not only boost creatine transport, but also to maximise its retention.

This results in creatine working much harder to increase muscle contraction, muscle power output and gains in size and strength.

How Creaplex Hardcore works

To help preserve muscle, prevent fatigue and rapidly rebuild muscle after training,Creaplex Hardcore also includes HMB, glutamine, taurine and glycine.

Key benefits of supplementing with Sci-MX Creaplex Hardcore

  • Rapid muscle gain
  • Increasing strength and power
  • Supporting weight training

Who will benefit from Sci MX Creaplex Hardcore

  • Regular gym users wanting to gain muscle and strength quickly
  • Bodybuilders, power athletes, combat athletes, football players, rowers etc.

Why choose Sci MX Creaplex Hardcore

  • High in effective muscle building ingredients, low in calories and carbohydrates
  • Based on established principles respected by sports scientists worldwide
  • No loading phase required, it starts working immediately

Price: £23.30
(as of Mar 10,2018 18:22:48 UTC – Details)

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