ROS Nutrition – Beta Alanine [BA 1000]

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ROS Nutrition - Beta Alanine [BA 1000]

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β-Alanine (read as Beta-Alanine) is a non-essential amino acid that can act as a precursor to increase intra-muscular carnosine levels. The higher the level of carnosine in the muscle the longer high intensity exercise can be maintained.
During high intensity exercise the development of high levels of lactic acid in the muscle is suggested to impede muscular contraction leading to fatigue and reduced performance.
One of the many suggested benefits of carnosine is that it may act as a functional pH buffer for muscular acidosis. Greater muscle carnosine levels may improve exercise performance by enhancing the buffering capacity of the muscle allowing athletes to exercise at a high intensity for longer.
Why choose BA 1000?
Energy or ATP required for intense physical activity such as sprinting or power based gym exercises is derived from the glycolysis energy system. During the breakdown of ATP there is a subsequent rise in the concentration of hydrogen ions and lactic acid, this release causes muscle pH to drop. When the muscle pH decreases, the ability of the muscle to contract diminishes leading to a reduction in exercise intensity.
This reduction in exercise intensity hampers an athlete’s ability to achieve their maximum training potential. BA 1000 allows athletes to push their bodies beyond their usual limitations generating greater training adaptations.Delays muscular fatigue
Boosts carnosine levels
Drives strength, speed & power training
1 g ß-alanine per tablet

Price: £12.86
(as of Feb 17,2018 10:39:37 UTC – Details)

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