Fat Bar Grips Adapter – Thick hand Grip – FlexPrima Fitness Grips – Thick Bar – For: Gym – Barbell – Dumbell – Mach…

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Fat Bar Grips Adapter - Thick hand Grip - FlexPrima Fitness Grips - Thick Bar - For: Gym - Barbell - Dumbell - Mach...

Price: £11.97
(as of Mar 14,2018 05:01:56 UTC – Details)

Why FlexPrima?

The FlexPrima FlexGrips is molded out of High military grade elastomer polymer. Special consideration and research has been made to ensure an optimal experience of our FlexGrips, from the practical design to its functional usage.
Package includes 1x FlexGrips (2 thick grips), 1x FlexPrima FlexGrips bag
Lifetime Guarantee


Dynamic Flex Training

Want to a build more aesthetic physique in less time? Or Tired of uneven barbell hand positioning ruining your lifts? We can’t say we blame you. Our FlexGrips can help

The FlexGrips training system offers versatility that very few alternative thick bar grips can match.

Defined Aesthetics with FlexPrima FlexGrips

POWERFLEX thick bar grip for free weights & machines build more muscle in less time
DYNAMICFLEX Ergonomically designed anatomic raised grid & textured surface
FINGERFLEX Finger responsive increase in precision & accuracy
PALMFLEX Palm sensitivity for maximum control
UNIQUE FLEX-FEATURE SYSTEM Unlike other thick grips the FlexGrips is ergonomically designed with a focus on DYNAMIC / POWER / FINGER / PALM responsiveness.
IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR MUSCLE GAINS Training with the FlexGrips will help you boost your gains and build more muscle in less time. The adaptive FlexGrips will convert barbells, free weights, cable attachments and machines into thick bar training.
FOR ACTIVE MEN & WOMEN FlexGrips adaptive thick bar training has been proven to alleviate joint and tendonitis issues and injuries and at the same time increase strength. Thick bar training are widely used by many athletes in sports such as Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Rugby, boxing, MMA, HIIT and Crossfit.
INCREASES CONFIDENCE AND OVERALL POWER! The FlexGrips has been designed with an anatomic raised grid & textured surface which helps increase finger and palm responsiveness for maximum control. An accurate and equal hand positioning generates a more confident lift and increases overall Power and strength.
PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Unlike cheaper counterparts, our FlexGrips are molded out of the toughest High Grade Elastomer Polymer so they won’t break under any normal use and will be completely fixed onto the bar. Beware of other cheap grips which doesn’t perform well while you’re working out.

Price: £11.97
(as of Mar 14,2018 05:01:56 UTC – Details)

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